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29 May, 2015

Scandinavia’s largest remanufacturer of transmissions – STS – makes a major investment in occupational health safety

On Friday 22 May, STS shut down its entire production in Sweden for a full day, to allow the staff to focus on occupational health and safety and work environment issues. The focus day was a step in a major investment in occupational health and safety made by the company as part of its lean production efforts.

“We want our employees to feel personally committed to our shared work environment and inspire them to identify areas of improvement in the immediate areas where they work. Even if those of us who are involved in the management always consider occupational health and safety and the work environment in our decision process, the individual employee has better knowledge of his or her particular workstation. Each individual is therefore best suited to identify potential risks,” says Ola Stålebo, CEO.

On the day, each production team received coloured post-it notes that they were instructed to affix every time a potential risk was identified in their work area. The notes were then collected and compiled into a list by each team. Issues identified included high thresholds, sharp edges, broken shelves in the stock room and heavy items at a risk of falling over.

“I must confess that I felt rather nervous at first when I saw all the post-it notes that had been put up in our workshop, but after reviewing the list, I felt that the effort had really resulted in something useful and that we had met the day’s objective. More or less all of the risks identified were actually relevant, and in most cases, they were relatively easy to remedy,” Ola Stålebo continued.

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What remains now is dealing with the more complex issues that emerged during the focus day.

“STS’ lean efforts are based on finding good long-term solutions. As long as there is no immediate risk of injury, solutions to complex work environment issues must be allowed some time to mature. While we have been spared from serious incidents in the past, we feel that we have now created the awareness needed to continue the work on health and safety as a natural part of our improvement efforts. We have an absolute zero vision for accidents in the workplace,” Ola Stålebo concludes.

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Ola Stålebo, CEO

22 April, 2015

The STS Group inaugurated its new logistics centre in Stenungsund


Scandinavian Transmission Service is active within the industrial remanufacturing of transmissions and transmission-related components in Stenungsund, just north of Gothenburg, Sweden. STS Logistics Centre opens its doors just in time for the company’s 45th anniversary. The 10 000 m2 piece of land was purchased in 2013, and the construction of the first warehouse is now complete.

“We are very pleased that we will finally be able to offer our customers core handling services and more efficient warehousing of finished products. In particular, logistic services relating to core handling services have long been requested by our customers, and we used to have limited capacity in this area,” says Ola Stålebo, CEO.
The first step consists of a modern warehouse in a clean line design, constructed with a focus on low energy consumption and minimal environmental impact. The facility is located a stone’s throw from road E6, just a few minutes away from STS’ production plant in Stenungsund.

“According to our estimates, approximately 80% of our capacity will already be used within the next 6 months, so this investment is clearly eagerly awaited. This autumn, we will terminate the lease for our rented external warehousing premises. Our projected growth is strong in the next five years, and many interesting projects are under way, including an investment in manual transmissions division. Thanks to our strong confidence in the market, our plans for the second phase have already progressed far,” Ola Stålebo concludes.

The corporate group is active within the industrial remanufacturing of transmissions and employs 45
people. STS was founded in 1969 in Stenungsund, just north of Gothenburg, Sweden. The STS Group
is currently one of Europe’s major centres for the remanufacturing of automatic transmissions and
transmission-related components.