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About us

Quality is never a coincidence


In our industry, you do not become a market leader by chance. It took us many years of hard quality assurance work to get where we are today, and we worked tirelessly on refining our processes. We employ Europe’s sharpest and most skilled transmission remanufacturing professionals in a modern and inspiring production plant on the lovely west coast of Sweden.

At STS, we mostly work on the industrial remanufacturing of transmission-related vehicle parts, such as transmissions and transfer cases. Our clients are mostly the vehicle manufacturers’ own spare parts organisations, and we currently supply many European car brands with remanufactured original spare parts.

As we are specialists in transmissions, our services are also in demand in the production of new cars, and we supply a number of Europe’s car manufacturers with OEM support. We also run diagnostics and carry out guarantee investigations, both in the field and in our own unique testing environment for transmissions.